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Het Danklokaal debuts with 

Light Art and Electronic Music

at Dutch Design Week 2020

Het Danklokaal is proud partner of the Dutch Design Week (DDW). The collaboration between PHOOD Kitchen and Patroon made its debut during the upcoming 2020 edition. During our three DDW events, we present to you a unique synergy between light art, presented by Hypar Collective & Studio Broekhoven, and electronic music presented by Patroon. Our venue, the majestical former production hall "De IJsfabriek" which is located within the old campinafactory, is the house of urban farm restaurant PHOOD Kitchen. This collaboration between PHOOD and Patroon - Het Danklokaal - converges into a powerful focus on the art of gratitude, awareness and balance. Due to COVID and cancellation of all DDW events, we showcased in a virtual space. This livestream was broadcasted on our social media channels, website, and on the DDW event page.


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The Venue

Unique and inspirational surroundings at one of the former Campinaterrein production halls, "De IJsfabriek" & "Het Tanklokaal". This is the house of urban farm-restaurant PHOOD Kitchen, fusing into a unique collaboration with the  highly creative Patroon  and their light-art friends and Dj's. 

Hugo van der Goeslaan 2-03



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